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"After listening to our staff’s concerns, our guide from AboutYourPeople came up with a plan for migration and training that was effective and energizing.

We were able to make a smooth transition from multiple, antiquated management systems to one integrated platform for working the logistics of church ministry."


Aaron Kuehn, Senior Pastor
Trinity Lutheran - Waconia, MN


“After dragging our feet for far too long on updating our church management systems and making the shift to Planning Center, we hired AboutYourPeople to lead us through the changeover.


We are just getting started with all these new features - but we are VERY excited about the road ahead!”

Rob Goodwin, Senior Pastor
Our Savior - Palm Springs, CA


"We knew we needed to make the change from our older church management system to one that worked for our staff and volunteers, but didn't know where to start or how to make it happen.


About your People made it easy to make the jump with the data migration, advice for setting up a system that worked for us, and training for our staff."

Robyn Ross, Executive Director

The Journey - Springfield, VA


“We had only been using Planning Center SERVICES on a pretty limited basis for years. We had no idea what we were missing out on in terms of impact and effectiveness until we made the switch to all the Planning Center apps!

AboutYourPeople made the migration, training and implementation super easy for all of us! It was painless.”

Bill Cahill, Worship Pastor
Grace Lutheran - Menomonee Falls, WI


"Things are really going well since we decided to go ahead with our migration. The transfer and cut-over went so smoothly! AboutYourPeople was vital to our success.


We’ve  implement these new strategies across all of our teams and we are seeing church-wide acceptance and great results from this change."

Chip Herrera, Executive Pastor

Community Bible Church - Brighton, MI


""It’s been such a blessing to have you working with us on this process, and I really think the time you spent with us in training was extremely beneficial.“

Thomas Winterstein

Communications & Media Director

St. Lorenz - Frankenmuth, MI


"The best feedback came from team members that engaged early in the prayer, research and decisions related to our new church management system.


Joel (AboutYourPeople) was there and participating during that entire process and delivered on the promises made in the beginning and throughout the search process, training and implementation.  Joel was always there, responsively and accurately guiding us to the answers that best fit our vision, mission and culture.


He asked the right questions in the beginning, listened to our answers and, when necessary, reminded us of what we had told him. Ultimately the best reflections of how Joel serves came from a staff member that has worked at other churches expressing his amazement at how quickly the entire team implemented Planning Center services into their ministries.  

Keven Hayhurst, Executive Director

Christ Church - Mequon, WI


I can't recommend AboutYourPeople enough. 

Joel, our trainer, does a great job of keeping people engaged with a topic that some may find difficult or even unexciting, database implementation. He's certainly very knowledgeable but adds real life stories to help teach the concepts and makes it funny at the same time.

Their prices are better than other migrators/trainers out there! This is really what first attracted us because every organization is on a budget. Not only is he affordable and knowledgeable about the process but he's a great guy as well that loves the Lord.


I was fortunate enough to have dinner with him and it was such a great experience. I don't just consider Joel an implementer but a friend. Thanks Joel

Melvin Granger

Director of Operations

The Bayou Church - Lafayette, LA

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