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When it comes to the “how?” - our focus is on leveraging the power of  Planning Center 

and the vast number of 3rd party integrations available.

We'll implement custom solutions that are right for your ministry.

It's a tedious process - but in the end, you'll be glad you did it.

It will be worth it because it's About Your People.


A Database migration is like moving to a brand new house... ​

  • Who likes packing, moving, & unpacking? No one does.

  • BUT - You can get help cleaning and sorting through everything!

  • It'll be like getting set up for a brand new life in your brand new place!

  • Make the switch to Planning Center and let AboutYourPeople do it for you!




Think of it as moving.

With so much data scattered in so many places, the first step in setting up Planning Center is to guide you through gathering/exporting it from all the systems you've been using into spreadsheets for the hand-off.

You don't have to do it alone.



Those massive spreadsheets are overwhelming. That data will need to be consolidated. We'll guide you through "scrubbing the data" to clean it up and get it prepared for moving.

Field selection and strategic conversations of what you want to/should keep are enlightening conversations.  There's some pretty heavy lifting happening in this step.

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Moving your data into any new database requires a plan and preparation. All that data needs to end up where you want it. That's the core of this step as your new Planning Center database is prepared for you.

There's some pretty heavy lifting here as well - but you don't have to do any of it. That's why you hire movers!

AboutYourPeople will take of it for you.



One day you'll wake up and all that data has been moved over and unpacked into your brand new Planning Center account. The heavy lifting is done. Now it's time to have fun.  


Training day with is right around the corner!

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You got this.webp



Getting your staff team in the same room for Training is very exciting.  Integration into your routine and development of NEW, SMART ways to put it to work is what this phase is all about.

You'll be up and running in a new chapter of more effective ministry than ever before!  Welcome Home.

You made it.

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