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Got Questions?

There are all sorts of reasons, questions, and/or  excuses that prevent churches from making a change in your church management systems.


Here are some common ones - and how AboutYourPeople can help.

"Don't we have enough TIME to do all this on our own?"

Maybe.  The question makes sense.  I get it.  But everyone has more than enough to do and setting up a database wasn't in your job description.
There's rarely enough time in your typical week to get your own job done - let alone handle a database migration and ministry integration.


When you get help from  AboutYourPeople you can continue to have your ministry focus be About YOUR people - which is where it belongs. 

Absolutely. Yes.  Church Plant? Multi-Site? Small Church? Mega-Church?  Planning Center will work for you. 


AboutYourPeople is here for you with experience in churches of all life stages and sizes.


Your Planning Center account will be built to handle your unique situations.

"Will the shift to  Planning Center be right for us?"
"Will we be able to figure it out?"

I'm sure you can but it will take time away from your real calling.

When you work with AboutYourPeople for your migration/set-up and training needs you get 15+ years of experience working with Planning Center products - all the way back to the beginning. 

There's a lot more to learn than knowing what buttons to click.


When it comes to training and strategy - AboutYourPeople brings 25 years of ministry leadership experience in Worship, Communication, Production & Information Technology Departments.

You'll learn strategic application - the how, when and why of using Planning Center!

"Why would we need training?
Let's just watch tutorial videos!"

If you or someone on your team hasn't already realized that Planning Center is the best fully integrated set of web-based software tools to help you organize information, coordinate events, communicate with your team, gather your tithes and offerings, and connect with your congregation, then let's set-up a FREE DEMO.

AboutYourPeople is here to help!

Unsure about Planning Center?

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