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"After listening to our staff’s concerns, the PRO came up with a plan for migration and training that was effective and energizing.

We were able to make a smooth transition from multiple, antiquated management systems to one integrated platform for working the logistics of church ministry." 

Aaron Kuehn, Senior Pastor
Waconia, MN


“After dragging our feet for far too long on making the shift to Planning Center, we hired  the PRO to lead us through the changeover.


We are just getting started with all these new features - but we're very excited about the road ahead!”

Rob Goodwin, Senior Pastor
Palm Springs, CA


“We had been using Planning Center
SERVICES on a pretty limited basis for years.
We had no idea what we were missing out on until
we made the switch to all the Planning Center apps!

The PRO made it look easy. The migration, training and implementation was seamless for all of us!

It was painless."

Bill Cahill, Worship Pastor
Menomonee Falls, WI


"Things are really going so smoothly since our migration was completed!


Your help was vital to our success. We’ve really started to implement the program church wide and are seeing great adoption for it."

Chip Herrera, Executive Pastor

Community Bible Church

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