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About Your People.

Always has been. Always will be.

About Us

AboutYourPeople exists to help you keep the focus on your people - for meaningful, measurable, time-saving, quality, sustainable results for greater impact in your ministry.

We'll help you maximize your effectiveness, efficiency, fiscal responsibility, and mission accountability in the busy landscape of ministry through the strategic use of Planning Center and 3rd party integrations. 

AboutYourPeople leverages 15  years of experience working with Planning Center products and over 25 years of ministry leadership experience that spans across churches of all sizes and life-stages.

With leadership positions across multiple departments of ministry - directional leadership, worship, technical arts, communication and IT - AboutYourPeople  brings a broad holistic strategic perspective.

By leveraging Planning Center and the vast number of 3rd party integrations available - we'll implement custom solutions that are right for your ministry.

About MY people

Just like you, I have people in my life that matter the most to me.  They are a gift that I've been given and my role as husband and father is to do the best I can to lead, serve and love them.


They're worth it.  They're My People.

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